Q. How do I start my own palace for PalaceChat?

A. Until a PalaceChat specific server is developed you can use 'The Palace' server software from, it is free. For Mac OS X users there is a command line server available here Or you can pay for your server to be hosted (with all the latest security plugins) from one of the few Palace server hosting companies listed on


Q. How do I make my own props and avatars?

A. There are several different ways to make props and avatars in PalaceChat. You can copy a image and then paste via the edit menu in PalaceChat, or click the 'New' button on the prop window and select from a number of options there. Also last but definatly not least, you can drag and drop image files directly into palace space, into the room or onto yourself to wear. When PalaceChat imports a image file it will preserve any transparencies the image might have, allowing you to fully edit avatars outside of PalaceChat.


Q. Can I import all of my props from the older Palace software?

A. Yes, from the the file menu there is a Prop File menu where you can Import your Palace.prp.


Q. Will there ever be a Linux version of the PalaceChat client?

A. PalaceChat version 4.0.720 and higher will now operate properly under wine-1.1.40 and higher in linux More Information. As for a native Linux client, probably not any time soon.


Q. Why is my movement still limited to 512x384 even though i have a larger background on my Palace server?

A. There is a palace server plugin called soundlimit, it must be turned off or removed and the Palace server restarted in order to allow movement beyond 512x384 pixels.