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Drama(Also called dramas) is the name given to arguements and conflicts between users of a palace. the origin of these may vary.


Rude/mean comments Sometimes, Apathetic/Bitter/Bored users make rude comments or answers that commonly offend other users. they reply to these attacks giving birth to drama.

Rumours A not-so-common way to make drama is by spreading rumours about other users. the rumor nature may be romantic or past-related(embarassing situations, mistakes from the past, etc.)

Attitude Sometimes, A user's attitude may bring conflict to a palace. P.E.(An emo person may annoy others by making comments like "i don't want to live anymore" or "no one loves me").

Opinions Opinions may collide creating one of the worst kind of dramas. this is because both of the parts of the conflict will try to change the other person's mind. the only thing that can stop this is the mental tiredness or a user jumping in asking the arguing users to keep their opinions for themselves. Also, this is considered the worst kind of drama because it can lead to the first type of drama.

The "drama llama"

Drama llama is a humorous way to call the person who starts drama or who is frequently involved in dramas.

How to avoid drama

Althought people can't swallow their spite and make up easily, they can mute each other or leave the drama for whispers. it is well known very few people do these for drama is, many times, a palace's source of power. proof of this is the slogan of a well known palace called Anime Academy: "We know dramaz"