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PalaceChat is a visual chat program based which lets you move around rooms, change appearance, chat in text bubbles that come up next to your name, and play games on some servers.

Opening PalaceChat connects you to Chat Palace, a multi-language hub for all users using PalaceChat. To move around here, simply click where you would like to be placed. Type in the text field near the bottom of the screen to chat (clicking someone first would "whisper" the message, so only they would see it). Clicking "doors" placed at the edges of rooms may lead you to other areas of the server.



  • (1)(2) Back/Forward arrows: Move to the previous or next room you've visited.
  • (3)(4) User/Room lists: Click to see users/rooms on the server, or go to them.
  • (5) Live Directory: See a list of most active Palace servers. (You may also use/add shortcuts under Bookmarks.)
  • (6) Sound tool: Play a sound in the room (if other users have the sound).
  • (7) Draw tool: Paint in paint-enabled rooms.
  • (8)(9) Doors/Names: Make doors or names visible or invisible.
  • (10) Prop bag: Open props (pieces of avatars) you have saved. You can also perform actions such as editing out the backgrounds of images here.
  • (11) Options: Make various settings to PalaceChat, such as font size.

Other helpful features include the Log (under Tools> Log), enabling/disabling sounds (under Edit> Sounds On/Off), and opening tabs to be connected to multiple Palaces at once (under File> New Tab).

Changing name & appearance

Right-clicking yourself allows you to select "Change ScreenName", "Avatar Macros" and other helpful features. Macros (i.e. the F2 key) change your appearance to saved avatars. You can trade existing avatars by right-clicking a user and selecting Offer/Accept Avatar. Saving an avatar as a Macro also places it in your prop bag.

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